Order Sons and Daughters of Italy of Canada


Dear Brothers and Sisters, and friends of the Order Sons and Daughters of Italy of Canada.

If you have not noticed, we now operate as the Order Sons and Daughters of Italy (OSDI).  Did you know that women were members of OSDI from its inception in 1905 in New York city?  The first Canadian lodge was founded in 1915 in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

Italians faced intolerance and discrimination when they first immigrated to Canada but overcame it all by supporting each other.  The adversities they faced, and the strong support structure developed in our Order was the foundation that created a culture of inclusion for all.

Our success story is a great one. We have grown from an organization that first supported the needs of its members to a national group that now supports charities and the needy in our communities across this great nation.  To date, the OSDI of Canada has collectively donated/invested more than 10 million dollars to worthy charities and causes.

The Order has also grown in fellowship, spanning across Canada to enrich and preserve our heritage.

When the first wave of immigrants came from Italy, they identified themselves as Italians. As we made Canada home our “title” change to Italian-Canadians, then Canadian-Italians and now proud Canadians of Italian descent with a passion to celebrate our heritage. So, if Italian flare tickles your fancy and you are looking to give back to the community, join the Order Sons and Daughters of Italy of Canada and help make a difference!

The worst thing that could happen is that you may end up sharing a glass of good wine over a great meal at one of our events. You may also make friends that will last a lifetime.

Fraternally yours,

Carmine E. Filice
National President
Order Sons and Daughters
of Italy of Canada

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